Royal village of Kotromanicevo, Doboj, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Published:05.01.2016 - 17:48
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On 20 km mark on road Doboj-Derventa, 45 km away from Croatian border lies tourist etno village „Royal village of Kotromanicevo“. Built on the shore of river Velicanka, this village fits into the ambient of untouched nature, representing a truly restful stop where you can enter old royal ambience of Bosnian kings.

One of the finest restaurants of traditional cuisine in Doboj region is located in tourist etno village Royal village Kotromanicevo. Unique in its architecture, with numerous artefacts and replicas of medieval crests, shields, swords and antiques, the restaurant enterior reminiscens of an old royal house where all your senses wull enjoy while tasting traditional dishes prepared using medieval recipes of this region.





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