COACH AND SECOND FATHER OF ANDREW TATE FOR SPORT.BA: He went through hell, but he didn't falter. I keep telling him about Bosnia and we will visit, God willing

COACH AND SECOND FATHER OF ANDREW TATE FOR SPORT.BA: He went through hell, but he didn't falter. I keep telling him about Bosnia and we will visit, God willing

Andrew Tate, a former kickboxer and now a well-known influencer, converted to Islam. He pronounced the Shahadat and thus converted to Islam.

36 years old, Tate, in the past few years, has gained world-wide fame because of his controversial attitudes towards numerous social topics; however, he decided to start a new life.

Interviewed by: Mirza Hadzijusufovic,

It is interesting that he spoke positively about Islam earlier and claimed that it is the purest religion. Now he has decided to become a Muslim.

Amir Subasic, his trainer, or the second father as Tate called him, was particularly dominant in his statements.

Amir Subasic is not popular among by public, so we have contacted him and talked about several different topics.

“I was born in 1971 in Zvornik from father Suljo, who passed away, and a mother, Ismeta Subasic. I have two brothers, Damir, Samir, while my brother Sead passed away. Also, I have a sister Amira”, Subasic starts his story for

“I grew up in Germany where I started with martial arts. I loved all kinds of sports, which is the case today. I returned just before the aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina had started. I served in the Yugoslav People's Army (JNA) and then fought on our battlefields from Kula Grad to Sanski Most and other places. I left Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1999, and I can say that it was hard to leave your family, your home, and your country”.

He also revealed to us that he had been wounded several times during the aggression against Bosnia and Herzegovina, but he recovered successfully, and he continued to play sport. He points out that he has trained Andrew since he was 16, as well as his brother Tristan.

“From the beginning we connected in a unique way; he had a sharp mind, a strong will, which is to me, as a coach, a sign of greatness. He has been through hardship, but he did not give up. In fact, a strong spirit, and a focus on what he was doing drove him, but also me (laughs). That all made a perfect team, I would say," he told us, and then continued:


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Tate comes from a bad part of the city where you don’t have many chances to succeed. His parents were divorced, and everything was hard, but Tate, even very young, was a good man.

The story about Andrew is very interesting, especially if you know his beginnings…

"He spent whole nights carrying ice and crates of fish... And he was on time for training at 5 in the morning all the time, no matter what the weather was like. I looked at them like sons and brothers, advised and looked after them, mostly I managed to do a lot for him. So, he is aware of that, and we know and appreciate where we are from and who we are because we went through most of the events together. That's how the eternal friendship between Andrew and me was born," Amir Subasic revealed to us exclusively.

Tate came into the spotlight after it was reported that he had converted to Islam.

“Elhamdullilah and mashallah, I am at his home in Romania, currently, and he confirmed that he converted to Islam. Allahu Akbar. 

Andrew knows how much my faith means to me and how much I live by its rules and serve everyone. I start with a pure heart and accepts whatever comes from the dear God. I would be very glad if I had any part in his decision. Again, I say thank you to Allah and may he be blessed," Subasic told us. He also added that Tate promotes religion, especially Islam as one of the best, noting Andrew’s famous statement: “If I had to bet on any religion, it would be Islam”.

We were also interested in whether Andrew would visit Bosnia and Herzegovina soon, as this information appeared at the end of August.„ Andrew likes to travel and we will come to Bosnia one day definitely. I told him that we have the best food, fresh air, and the most beautiful nature. Amir Subasic Storm, concluded.

To remind, Tate became rich as an entrepreneur and content creator who runs an online course on “modern wealth creation” at his own “Hustlers University”. He is known as the controversial person, but many follow his statements closely, because he constantly talks about how he got rich.

As for his sports career, this American-British fighter did his last kickboxing match in 2020. He is a former world champion and has a record of 76 wins and nine losses in his career.

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