Published:12.12.2015 - 22:56
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Bijeljina is a city and municipality in northeastern Bosnia and Herzegovina. The city is situated on the plains of Semberija and represent the sixth largest city in BiH. 

The houses and gardens in this part of the country resemble those in Hungary and the areas of Vojvodina in Serbia and Slavonia in Croatia. The parks and walking areas around town are neatly arranged with fences and well-kept lawns. The swimming and fishing areas in the vicinity of the Drina River are nice and the area enjoys a mild climate: Bijeljina has 1,800 hours of sun per year.

Ethno village Stanišići is famous touristic complex in region and one of most popular in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Here is complex build in two part, one is recreation and tourism and other is for spirit and sole by preserving tradition and authentic atmosphere of 19th and early 20th century.




Svrzo House

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