Sevdah Art House

Published:11.12.2015 - 21:57
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The Sevdah Art House is located in the heart of Baščaršija in Velike Daire, and has a total of 270 square meters of indoor space, with a central yard of 144 square meters, which combined makes a unique composition and ambient a whole.

The house represent a museum dedicated to sevdalinka, traditional urban love songs, and famous singers who have interpreted them.

The Sevdah Art House also has a library that contains archive, books, CDs, and DVDs where one can explore the historical development of the BH sevdalinka. 

If you want to experience a truly Bosnian feeling of Sarajevo, Sevdah Kahva offers traditional Bosnian caffee and some of the traditional non-alcoholic beverages and desserts.




Svrzo House

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