Mountain Čvrsnica

Published:04.11.2015 - 18:40
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Čvrsnica mountain is one of the most significant mountains in ou country Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located in northern Herzegovina. Most of the mountain is located in the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton municipalites. The highest point  is 2228 metres.

The mountain Čvrsnica is encircled by the river Neretva from the east, its tributaries Doljanka from the north, as well as Drežanka from the south and the Dugo Polje field and Vran mountain from west. 

There are more than ten peaks above 2000 m such as: Plocno 2228 m, Veliki Jelinak 2179 m, Veliki Vilinac 2118  and so on.  Three types of climate that mountain exhibits are: Mediterranean at the base of the mountain, central European on hillsides and alpine on summits and plateaus.

Six months have average temperatures below zero degrees. For example: January and February have 15-23 days of snow precipitation. The upper plateau is under the snow from November until April. However,  in hidden parts snow remains whole year.





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