Captain's Tower

Published:28.10.2015 - 21:16
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The Captain's Tower (Kapetanova kula) is one of Bihac's oldest buildings dating back to the 13th century, when it was part of the town walls.

According to the theory by H. Strauss in his book “Towers of Bihać”, Captain’s tower was built in 1205. and it was one of the four towers, three of which were destroyed in 1201 – 1202. According to the legend, Captain’s Tower and fortified Bihac saved Hungarian King Bella the Fourth from Tartar cavalrymen, who had chased him to the walls of Bihac fortress. As a token of his Royal appreciation, King Bella the Fourth proclaimed Bihac a free town. 

During the Austro-Hungarian era the tower was used as a prison. Since 1959 it houses a regional museum.





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