The White Fortress- Bijela Tabija, Sarajevo

Published:03.10.2015 - 14:57
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The White Fortress is an old fort overlooking the historic core of Sarajevo. It is a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  It is built of stone and it used to house a gun-crew and an ammunition storage. Its thick walls have openings for cannons. 

The White Fortress was the part of Vratnik Citadel which the Austrians fortified most strongly, as it surveys the whole city to the west and also the pair of green, deep-cut valleys that lead into the city from the east. The fortress is now a stabilised ruin rather off-puttingly covered in graffiti, but views remain breathtaking.

Archeological research indicates that the oldest parts of the fortress were built during the Middle Ages, at the end of the 14th or beginning of the 15th century, and that other sections were added during the Ottoman period and then later during the Austro-Hungarian period.
It is a National Monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina and, given the incredible view, it is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Sarajevo. The White Fortress is really something you should see and experience.





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