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House of spite- Inat kuća, Sarajevo

Published:02.10.2015 - 22:28
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After the Austrian - Hungarians monarchy occupied Bosnia and Herzegovina, they have began to build various buildings (the Post Office, museums, the Faculty of Law and deferent residential houses), but when they tried to build the City Hall they experienced Bosnian stubbornness. 

They wanted to build it at the right side of the river Miljacka, the enormous building never seen before in Sarajevo which will show power of ruling monarchy. But the exact location was in the property of an old man called Benderija, resident citizen of Sarajevo who did not want to allow them to demolish his house and take his land away from him for any reason. The house was his internal peace and he didn’t want to give it away.

After long negotiations, the stubborn man finally said that he would give up his property only if they give him a bag of golden coins and if they move his house brick by brick to the other side of the river. They had no choice but to do exactly what he had requested for in 1895. Since then, Benderija’s house is called “Inat kuća” (the spite house) and in 1997 it’s turned into lovely traditional Bosnian restaurant. House is still there despites all governments and symbolizing stubbornness of Bosnian man.





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