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Ethno-Village "STANIŠIĆI"

Published:21.09.2015 - 16:22
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Stanišići Ethno Village in Bosnia and Herzegovina was founded in 2003, as the result of the inspiration of its owner, Boris Stanišić. He had travelled the villages of central Bosnia for more than several years, in search for old houses and objects that would keep alive the image of the way of life at the turn of the twentieth century. The search ended in an authentic mountain village in the middle of the Semberian plain. The village has two parts, one is recreation and tourism and other is for spirit and sole by preserving tradition and authentic atmosphere of 19th and early 20th century. 

Visitors here can learn about person in Bosnia on specific way.You will find here: Serbian Orthodox monastery, museum, restaurant, cafes, souvenirs shops, hotels, bungalows, zoo etc. You could ride a touristic train and boat or walk trough small paths and cross several very different bridges. 


Hotel Pirg occupies a dominant place in the Stanišići Ethno Village. It was built in medieval style and make it two towers, one of which is a replica of the Tower of Saint Sava from Hilandar.

Pirg is a modern high-class hotel. His breathtaking exterior and refined interior offers excellent atmosphere of hospitality. Equipped according to all international standards, modern furniture, appliances, air-conditioning and elevators.






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