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Danas je jedna od glavnih preokupacija mladih postao Instagram. Svi žele da imaju fenomenalne fotografije i lijepo uređen profil koji deluje osmišljeno i originalno.

U toj želji mnogi posežu za aplikacijama za uređivanje fotografija, pa original često ni ne liči na finalni proizvod.

Sada je dvadesetšestogodišnja Kim Brit odlučila da pokaže kako izgledaju fotografije influensera pre nego što ih obrade u jednom ili više programa.

Ona na svom profilu na Instagramu objavljuje fotografije na kojima se vidi i originalna i finalna verzija, a svaku objavu prati adekvatan opis.


Turtleneck sweaters: love to wear 'em



[No edit on the body on both pictures!] . There was a time where I lost a lot of weight. My goal was to be skinny. I wanted to have a flat tummy even when I sat. I didn't get that it's normal to have rolls then. I thought my tummy should be flat all the time. I was so focused on it, I started to just eat food, that didn't bloat my tummy. . I put so much time on thinking how I look and what I'm not allowed to eat, that I stoped living my life. All it was about was food. Thinking back makes me sad. It was such a waste of time. I will never have a flat tummy all the time and by now, I'm totally fine with it, because I know, I don't need one to be happy. This does not define me or my happiness. . Life is so much more than that and I'm worthy no matter how my body looks like, so are you! You see just one photo of somebody here, you don't know the story behind or how the person looks relaxed. You should love yourself no matter if you have one or ten rolls if you're relaxed. That simple doesn't matter. Life is here to enjoy! So stop compare yourself and focus on what makes you truely happy! You deserve to have the happiest life and it up to you to live it!


[No edit on the body in both pictures] . Today I was asked: "Did you lose weight?" I haven't seen this person for a few weeks and I had no idea if I did. "I have no clue if I did", I replied. "Just seems like it", the person said and we spoke about another topic for a while. . After couple hours, I was thinking about this little chit chat and I realized something. This question I was asked, did not affect me in any way. It was just a question. . Years back, I knew exaxtly how much I weight, how much I gained or lost, because I tracked it every single day. I counted calories to make sure not to gain any pound. If somebody asked me back then the same question, I would have been proud and at the same time sad, because it was clearly not obvious enough, when someone needs to ask to get a confirmation.... "Maybe I did not lose enough", would be in my head for the next days. . I know some of you've been there too or still are. Let me tell you, your worthy is not define by your size or how your body looks. Life is full of beautiful things, don't spend your time with such negative thoughts. It's just not worth it! You are enough, no matter what!


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