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Instagram je prepun djevojaka sa savršenom zadnjicom, savršenim životom i savršenim tijelom.

Međutim, nije baš sve onako kako izgleda na ovoj društvenoj mreži.

Nutricionistkinja iz Brazila Lijen Vard (28) je uzor mnogim djevojkama.


I’m backkkkkkk ???? I had some much needed time off social media and a gorgeous holiday at Noosa too but I went back to work yesterday (I’m a full time clinical dietitian) so thought I’d come back to insta & share my 2018 goals with you guys: . . - Spend more quality time with loved ones & put my phone away . . - Get outdoors more (beach, hikes etc) . . - Prioritise sleep with 8 hours a night of quality sleep . . - Travel more & create more memories with @brisbane_local . . - Learn to enjoy & live in the moment without my phone/ camera . . - Find a better balance with social media & have 2 days off a week . . - Practise yoga & stretch daily . . - Invest some of my savings this year . . - Be grateful everyday . . - Stop worrying/stressing about little things that won’t matter in a few years . . - Appreciate that everyone has their own battle & stop judging people . . - Take more of a health focus this year instead of an appearance focus. . . - Throw out my scales! . . - Learn how to use my camera properly & edit better quality photos (my terrible attempt at Lightroom is seen in this photo ????) . . What goals do you guys have this year? I think setting goals is a great way to keep you motivated & accountable ???????????????? I re visit my goals at the end of every month and either cross them off, change them or keep progressing with them ???? Tell me your top goal for 2018 below ???????????????? . . . . . . . . #weightloss #vegetables #salad #dietitian #healthyeating #2018 #goalsetting #selflove #cleaneating #nutrients #weightlossmotivation #motivation #eatgoodfeelgood #eatthisnotthat #fitfood #gains #fitfoodporn #abs #eatforabs #nutrition #wholefoods #eatmoreplants #bbg #eatforhealth

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Ima savršeno tijelo, svakog dana vježba i zdravo se hrani, obilazi egzotična mjesta.

Svjesna činjenice da se ljudi mogu osjećati loše kada posjete njen profil, ona je odlučila da otkrije tajnu.

- Ja sam nekada bila ta djevojka opsjednuta savršenom Instagram zadnjicom. Genetski nemam predispozicije za takvu pozadinu - moja je veoma ravna. A onda bih došla na Instagram i sate i sate provodila gledajući zadnjice djevojaka. Trenirala sam do besvijesti i jela više nego što mi treba ne bih li uvećala zadnjicu, ali poslije godinu dana takvog režima, rezultati su bili skoro pa nikakvi - kaže ona.


Let me tell you a story... I used to be that girl that was obsessed with getting an Instagram booty ???? I’m not one of those genetically blessed with a naturally peach booty so I needed to try & turn my wider/ flatter booty into the booty i saw again & again on Instagram... the peach booty! ???? I wanted a nice round booty SO BAD! ???? I trained & ate & trained some more but after a year of slogging myself in the gym... I saw only small results with glute growth ???? I remember meeting a girl I admired/stalked her photos daily for #booty inspo at a fitness expo one day & I was kinda shocked! The nice round peachy booty she posted on Instagram regularly was gone... don’t get me wrong, she looked fab but where were the booty gains she always posted ????????‍♀️ So I decided to ask her what her training program was like to get booty growth & if she’d been doing it recently (knowing that I might get slapped in the face) ???? Luckily for me she was so sweet, laughed at me & said sweetie - Instagram is all about the poses! ???? Ahhhhhh I remember thinking that the reason I’ll never look like these gorgeous, amazing, fit insta girls with peach booty’s is because half the time they don’t even look that way! ???? This is your weekly reminder to just do YOU!!! ???? Instagram is our perfectly edited highlight reel - we only showcase the few photos that’ll make it to our online photo album - don’t sacrifice your confidence & self worth to look like the #instamodels - it’s just perfect lighting & angles anyways... ???? My two photos show how good lighting & a good pose can give you insta #bootygains ???? Ps.. don’t mind the back rolls.. I could have photoshopped them out but you guys love when I keep it real for you ???? #realtalk #bootyinspo #selflove #comparison #notphotoshopped #girlsthatsquat #fitspo #strongnotskinny

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- Moj najveći šok bio je kada sam uživo videla jednu Instagram zvijezdu koju redovno pratim i gledam joj slike. Na Instagramu, njena zadnjica je savršena. Uživo, nije imala ni blizu takvu zaobljenu, savršenu zadnjicu, naprotiv. Rešila sam da joj priđem i pitam je kakav trening radi za zadnjicu. Na svu sreću, bila je fina, nasmijala se i rekla mi je "O, dušo, na Instagramu je sve u pozama".

- Redovno mi stižu poruke djevojaka iz svih dijelova svijeta. Pitaju me da li sam uvijek "tako lijepa", kako kuham, da li se zaista tako hranim i slično. Ne zaboravite, jedan sladoled vas neće ugojiti, kao što ni od jedne salate nećete smršati. Da, i ja pojedem kolač povremeno. Ljudi smo, nismo roboti. Ako se uglavnom hranite i živite zdravo, možete sebi da dopustite poneki kolač - zaključuje nutricionistkinja.


Ever wanted to understand more about your body with a 3D body analysis? By using @mportworld it’s super easy to track your health - because we all know, there’s no body like yours! ????????The mPort app helps you track your body shape, measurements & health indicators after each scan???????? I’ve found it so easy & useful to track my progress and before & after comparisons for measurements such as hips & thighs and even waist/hip ratio, BMR & estimated body fat % ???? I’ve teamed up with @mportworld to take part in their 60 day BT challenge!???? In the next 60 days, I hope to maintain my muscle mass and also reduce my body fat percentage by training hard and fueling my body with proper nutrition. I also want to keep my stress levels low and prioritise sleep as we all know this has a huge impact on our lifestyles. If you’ve been waiting for a sign to get fit & transform your life once & for all... well this is it!! ???????? Across these few weeks I’ll be sharing tips on my training, my eating habits and other factors that influence a healthy lifestyle such as sleep and stress. At the end of the 60 day challenge - I’ll choose one winner who has truly transformed their health & lifestyle to win an amazing prize pack valued at up to $800! ???????? Swipe across to see how you can be in the running & don’t forget to tag me and #mPort60BT in your posts/videos too so I can see your amazing transformations & pick a winner! ???????? Remember: the scales are often a terrible indicator of health - whereas @mportworld can tell you so much more! ???????? Jump into your nearest pod today and track your progress during the 60 day challenge???? Ps... I have a 10% off discount for your premium membership to kickstart your challenge! Check out my stories for the code & the full version of the video! ???????????? #mPort60BT . . #mPort #BodyTransformation #WellnessJourney #HealthyLiving #myBodymyPriority #3Dbodymapping #mPortProgress

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Pogledajte njene fotografije i shvatit ćete zašto ima toliko fanova širom svijeta:


I’m just over here providing your weekly reminder that everything you see on Instagram is our perfectly edited highlight reel ???? STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHER WOMEN!!! ❌ You do you babe & aim to be a better version of yourself every day ????✨ Remember social media isn’t real life - I didn’t even swim at the beach this day - it was too cold but the photo on the right depicts a perfectly sunny beach day ☀️???????? You’d never guess how windy & cold it was if I just posted the photo on the right ????????‍♀️ Take inspiration from photos but NEVER compare or let yourself feel inadequate... you’re far too amazing for that ♥ Have a beautiful week everyone ???????? #comparison #realtalk #loveyourself

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My top three thoughts after receiving my first @hellofreshau box ???? . . 1. There is SO much fresh wholesome food in my delivery box- I literally stacked it all in my fridge & realised I didn’t need to even do my weekly shop or meal prep #winning I also love the fact that they give you the perfect amount of food so that none goes to waste ???????? 2. I’m surprised by the amount of vegetables in each meal & the great balance of fibre, protein, low GI carbs and healthy fat. The meals I ordered are perfectly balanced to fit in with my healthy lifestyle ???????? 3. The recipe cards are super simple to follow - I had David in the kitchen cooking the salmon meal yesterday while I enjoyed a leisurely shower ???????? (thanks @hellofreshau ) . . If you guys want new recipes to try, less waste in the kitchen or want to get your other half to cook a healthy meal for you (that actually tastes delicious!) use my 40% DISCOUNT CODE ‘LEANNEW40’ ???????? . . . . . . . . . . . . #hellofreshau #partner #wholefoods #nutrients #healthyfood #eatyoveggies #healthyrecipe #mealprep #foodprep #weightloss #vegetables #healthyrecipe #fitgirls #mondaymotivation #eeeeats

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My number 1 tip for my clients is to get off the scales & start using other measurements (like progress photos) to measure ‘success’. If I had used the scales in the past 12 months I’m pretty sure I would have started crying, yelled at someone then given up as clearly my training & meal plan “wasn’t working” as I gained 4kg ???? I had a DEXA scan & my skin folds done recently & can safely say that my meal plan & training IS working - despite not fitting into any of my clothes - thanks #gains ????. Sure the scales say I weigh more but my fat percentage is lower & my muscle mass is up in the past year - so cheers to strong girls (& throw those scales out ladies)!???????????????? #strongnotskinny #girlsthatlift #bootygrowth #comparison #transformation #girlswhosquat

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My first though when I saw this photo was I can’t post it because I’m suppose to be a ‘fitness’ girl & I don’t look that ‘fit’ - sometimes I let me fear gremlins take over & I looked at this photo & thought my biceps weren’t big enough & my abs weren’t defined enough to be a ‘fitness girl’ - the fear lasted all of 30 seconds until I realised I was a boss bitch who had way more going for her then her biceps or her stomach ????????‍♀️ #duh ????????‍♀️ Don’t let fear take over - we all experience moments of low self esteem & a lack of confidence but the power of flipping negativity on its head is a game changer ????????✨ Each time you experience a negative thought throughout the day - challenge yourself to turn it into a positive one ???????????? Mindset is so important & believing in yourself is half the battle ❤️ So here’s my quick selfie before my HIIT sess at 5:15 this morning ???????? (Before I realised it was bloody freezing & had to run back inside for a jumper ????) #mondaymotivation #slay #loveyourbody #confidence #everybodyisbeautiful

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I grew up in Queensland, we call it the sunshine state ☀️Throughout my teenage years, my girlfriends and I - like many teens were addicted to tanning ???? We went to the beach most weekends and used tanning beds before we went out clubbing. Tanning was a way of life ☀️We knew the risks but we felt young and invincible. After I graduated from high school, a friend died from melanoma. It's the kind of life moment that makes you stop and think what the heck am I doing with my life. I gave up tanning beds forever and now I always always always wear 50+ sunscreen when I go outside and wear a hat too ???? Fast forward to 2018 and this year alone, more than 14,000 people will be diagnosed with melanoma in Australia this year, and sadly nearly 2000 will die from this cancer. It's a harsh but true fact ????Thankfully, the research that @qimrberghofer is doing is saving lives. Scientists and doctors at QIMR Berghofer are finding new ways to combat melanoma, with world-leading research targeting the three key control strategies of prevention, diagnosis and treatment ???????? PLEASE support their researchers and give generously to the Melanoma Appeal ???????? Remember: One small spot can devastate. Click the link in my bio to SAVE LIVES! 100% of donations go directly towards research ✔️In collaboration with @qimrberghofer http://www.qimrberghofer.edu.au/melanoma #sunsafe #melanoma #collab #fitness #tan #donate #savelives #research #workout #cancer #australia #queensland #sun #sunshine #fitgirls #bikini

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✨ What’s your WHY?!? ✨ I get a lot of people asking me about motivation - why do I train, how do I get up early, how do I meal prep every Sunday without fail, how do I eat healthy most the time, how do I go to the gym when I’m tired... it all comes back to your WHY ???? WHY do YOU want to change? I’m going to do an exercise with you guys that I do with my clients all the time ???????? . . Get out a pen & paper and write two lists ???? On the left hand side write all the reasons why you want to stay the same (there might be zero reasons or there might be a few such as it’s easy, it’s comfortable, it’s what you’ve always done, you’re too busy etc). On the right hand side write all the reasons you want to change. If your right hand side is bigger than your left hand side - well there’s your motivation???? Hang that paper up & make it visible! Remind yourself of where you’re heading! ????????✨ You’re suppose to grow & progress ... not stay static! ???????? People ask me what I’m training for - I laugh and say “life” ???? I’m not training for a specific goal like a fitness comp or anything like that - I’m just training to have a fitter, stronger, healthier life. I’m training for me - to feel strong, to feel sexy, to feel confident ????????‍♀️ Not only that - im training for the functional benefits - to reduce my neck pain, to improve my posture & to manage my stress levels. I’m training so that one day (god forbid) if I ever need to pull a grown man out of a burning car - then I like to think I could do that ???????? I’m not training ‘for’ anything but my own happiness. Even though I’m not training for anything in particular - I still set regular goals, track my progress & re-assess often. My own personal drive keeps me motivated ✨ The only person I compete with is myself ???? When you find out your WHY - that’s when the magic happens ✨???? #motivation #abs #magicformula . . . . . . . . . . . . . #getfit #exercise #workout #fitchicks #girlsthatlift #girlsthatsquat #fitness #fitnessmotivation #weightloss #transformation #weightlossmotivation #bbg #gains #chickswholift #strong #strongnotskinny #progressnotperfection #fitnotskinny #shelifts #dietitian #nutrition #fitnessgirl #strongwoman #healthylifestyle

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Hi guys ???????? It’s me!! You might have noticed I’m posting a little less food lately & a little more ME! ???????? I want to show you guys that there’s a REAL person behind this account - a person who works out regularly, eats salad regularly & practices what she preaches BUT also drinks wine on Friday nights, skips the gym when she’s tired, hits snooze a hundred times & enjoys ice cream, chocolate & desserts too! ????A REAL person who has issues just like you guys! ???? Sometimes I fall over my own two feet, sometimes I throw my phone across the room in frustration, sometimes I have road rage (ok quite often!), sometimes I’m so overwhelmed I want to cry & sometimes I eat wayyyy too much chocolate after a bad day & end up with a stomach ache... ???? Just me - just human - just like you guys ❤️ Thanks for following my journey towards a healthier, happier future - I hope I can teach you a thing or two along the way - or perhaps we can teach each other a few things ???????????????? #justme #selfie #notperfect #onlyhuman #reallife #foodblogger #dietitian #healthylifestyle

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